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HC-02 Pnuematic single terminal crimping machine

Short Description:

Usage:different terminals

Peration:by foot switch

Packaging Details:Wood case

Product Detail

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Model HC-01 HC-02
Crimping range Non isulated terminal 6mm

Thick terminal 0.5-10mm2

Needle 0.5-16mm2

Lift a hand to



Barometric range









Operating diagram of HC-02

①Place the crimping terminal in the corresponding crimping die sets.

②Place the stripped wires into the terminals,step down the foot air valve,and release the air valve after the completion of the crimping.

③When replacing the crimping die sets,the air source shall be shut off to avoid the risk caused by the improper operation.Remove the die sets and fasten the screws using screwdriver.

④Replace with the required crimping die sets,and then fasten the screws again.


● Fully programmable

● he equipment has the function of upgrading and can be equipped with functions such as:code spraying,wire receiving and medium stripping;

● Expandable double layer circular sheath line,within 8mm in diameter,only need to replace the tool holder;

● Belt and wheel wire feed can be switched according to specific requirements.


There are some die sets for selection.

If you have any questions about the details, please feel free to contact us. 

Maintenance and Storage Notes

- Before using, the connection positions of the sliding shafts of the

machine should be filled with a little lubricating oil to extend the service

life of the machine.

- The product is the pneumatic product, it shall not be placed in the high

temperature and low temperature, high humidity environments no

matter when use or store.

- In no use, it shall be kept clean and dry to avoid rust, the removed

intake and exhaust ports shall be blocked with the dust cap or taken the other dust prevention measures

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