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HC-608C wire stripping machine with open window

Short Description:


Display:Chinese/English display,Touch screen

Applicable:wire within 6mm2

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●This machine is for cutting and stripping wires within 6mm2,used for automotive industry

● High speed and high precision driver,step driving controller.

● Outstanding price/performance ratio

● Equip with function of inkjet marking,wire receiving,Intermediate stripping and twisted wire etc

● Expandable double-layer circular sheathing wire

● Within 6mm diameter, only need to replace tool carrier, Wheel wire

● Extremely low maintenance


Model HC-608C
Dimension 418*358*308mm
Weight 25KG

Chinese/English display,

Touch screen

Power 220V/400W
Cutting length


Stripping length


Stripping range

0.1-6mm2 multistrand copper wire

Wire material Doubling wire,PVC,Teflon wire,

glass wire,silicone wire,

High temperature wire

Conduit diameter 1-6mm
Tolerance Within0.002*Lmm
Driving way

four-wheel drive,

independent drive box driver




Function of HC-608C:

  • Cutting
  • Precision cut
  • All-peel
  • Half-peel

The machine can used for multistrands copper wire(BVR)and single solid copper wire(BV).There are some samples of HC-608C.


This machine can add spurt code function, upgrade to HC - 608  PMJ computer wire stripping machine. It can be determined according to different demands;The equipment can be connected to the upper computer to control the data uniformly; The code spraying machine can be divided into white and black ink.


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