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HC-20+NT double ends tinning machine

Short Description:

Usage:cutting wire,stripping,copper twisting ,tinning

Wire range:AWG32-18


Product Detail

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● Fully programmable

● he equipment has the function of upgrading and can be equipped with functions such as:code spraying,wire receiving and medium stripping;

● Expandable double layer circular sheath line,within 8mm in diameter,only need to replace the tool holder;

● Belt and wheel wire feed can be switched according to specific requirements.



● computer touch screen,easy to operate.full skinning length directly from the touch screen menu panel set up.
● pressure rollers, depth of cutting cutters can be done by trimming revolving knobs to adjust,simple and quickly, or stepper speed in two ways.
● adopt motor control inch wire feed,peeling,wetting action each time the action will automatic match
● wire twist is made possible by the washboard style,using cylinder labor
● native wetting angle the point dip close to 90 degrees,the diameter wetting average
● the surface of tin tin crumbs and the design of to automatically erase clean the functional wetting at chip-less


Model HC-20+NT
Power AC220V/50HZ

wire cutting,single-ended stripping,

double-sides stripping,

single-ended twisting,

both ends twisting,two sides tinning


12000PCS/h(length within100mm)


wire range

standard lines(AWG#32-AWG#18)

Cutting length

Standard wires(15-9999mm)

shortest left insulation length:8mm

Cut-off precision

Tolerance:1mm+cutting length*below0.2%

Stripping length


Air pressure 5-6.5kg(must use clean dry air)





Completed automatically of wire cut, and stripping head, and stained Tin, and action, needs artificial operation machine Taiwan, equipped with helps Tin agent, Tin silk, artificial will line wearing into machine Taiwan, and loaded Shang Tin silk, then set good machine Taiwan parameter, press began button automatically machine that according to set good of program operation, through machine Taiwan of manipulator automatically sent line completed wire of cut, and stripping head, and stained Tin work, last again by machine Taiwan of manipulator automatically received material.


This machine is mainly for the automobile industry,the sensor industry,the electric power industry,the electric control cabinet,the battery box’s line.

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