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HC-100 Plastic tube pipe cutting machine

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Cutting width:Max.100mm

Wire material:PVC Silicone

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This machine HC-100 adopts microcomputer numerical

control device. cutting length/quantity, Feeding speed  can be set freely . High precision , low loss.Models ergonomic design , easy to operate. Can be installed and a half off the slices. (Fully intelligent digital tube cut up to max 100mm width.)


It can cut stick buckle belt,stick buckle belt,cotton belt,elastic belt,the plastic belt,zipper,pvc sleeving,heat shrinkable tube,glass fiber tube,teflon casing,cable,small wires,conductive fabric/foam,battery separator,nickel plate,diffusion sheet,reflective film,double-sided tape,mylar,insulating paper,pe,copper/foil,wire,release paper etc


♠ High-speed feeding, microcomputer operations. LCD display .

♠ Automatic, manual operation, feeding forward or backward, and manual cutter.

♠ Apply heat shrink tubing , Shrinkable tube wire and cable, seat belt ,color belt , vini-tie nylon braid flat shape of wire , PVC tube, silicon /braided tube, shrink sleeving , Isolation tape cutting etc


Model HC-100
Dimension 500*450*450mm
Weight 38KG
Power AC110V/220V
Voltage 1/4HP
Cutting length 1mm-9999mm;

Cutting width

Max 100mm


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