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Pnuematic wire stripping machine(HC-305,310,315)

Short Description:


Suitable :small short the transform of the wire material.be like  AC/DC,power cord,computer wire,electron wire,multicore wire etc

Packaging Details:

1. Outer package : Standard export wooden package

2. Inner package : Stretch film

Product Detail

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● The inclined back type design and conform to ergonomics.

● Double acting cylinder.

● Adoption oil,annoy self-sufficient two allied body,in fixed time provide oil for cylinder,reduce internal wear on the cylinder.

● Special type base,slide,the back and forth stroke is steady,slice to shell a precision.

● The gas give or get an electric shock type control,agile nimble,the operation is easy.

● Adjustable try structure,the visual line material is fine but makes tune.

● Compliant small short the transform of the wire material.For example AC/DC,power cord,computer wire,electron wire,multicore wire etc


Model HC-305 HC-310 HC-315
Stroke(mm) 50 100 150
Peeling length Max5mm Max10mm Max15mm
Air pressure




Force 31-37kg 49-115kg 84-196kg
Cylinder Ø40 Ø50 Ø80
Weight(kg) 20kg 25kg 35kg
Size 400*300*270 480*330*280 600*420*360


If you want to consult the gas electric peeling machine such as HC-330&HC-416 which is applicable to the processing of big wire diameter long-wire material,you can contact us.We will recommend the best machine for you until you are satisfied.The machine can be sent by express,air or sea.Keep it in mind that we provide one-year after-sales service and technical support.


CHANGZHOU HECHANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD has a large number of professional and technical personnel,strong after-sales service and first-class precision machining technology.the company provides a good working environment and strictly carries out 6s managemant.the company positively go abroad to take participate in the exhibition,promotes with the foreign trade exchange. thus opens the foreign market.

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